Next Performance!

Gallows Humor hits the streets of Vegas! We've been to the mountains, now we're in the deserts. Don't gamble on your entertainment, come to Vegas Faire!

Age of Chivalry Renaissance Festival
Sunset Park, 2601 E. Sunset Road., Las Vegas, NV, 89120
Friday, October 11, 2019 - Sunday, October 13, 2019.


  • Gallows Humor Stickers! by Pitor Petrokovich

    Gallows Humor now has stickers for sale!

    They’re the Gallows Humor logo, and wonderful stickers to show love for the band you love!

    Prices are 1 for $5, and 5 for $20. For a limited time free shipping, though if you see us at our next event there’s NO SHIPPING EITHER!

    To purchase some, drop by our webpage at the following link: GallowsHumorBand.com/merchandise/

    Sticker your car! Sticker your water bottle! Sticker your bat! Sticker your baby!

  • A Drawing from our #1 Fan! by Pitor Petrokovich

    Here’s a drawing from our newest #1 fan! Thank you Anne for being our fan!!!

    -Gallows Humor

  • Those Were the Days… by Pitor Petrokovich

    Due to technical difficulties we were unable to download and show this video to my mom at her birthday party. But it’s here now and I will show her soon!🎉🎶
    Thanks to Gallows Humor for playing this old tune for my mom‘s 90th birthday!👍🏼

    Posted by Maggie Garcia Greaves on Thursday, November 1, 2018