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Gypsies and Faeries and Pirates, OH MY!

It’s that magical time of year when Arizona once again pulls us close to her bosom and welcomes us like the naughty children she never dreamed she’d have! Come one, come all to the Two Rivers Renaissance Faire where you … Continue reading

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Spring Esco Faire, you showed us quite a time!

This year’s Spring Esco Faire was magnificent! 2015 will go down in all the seedy historical romance novels as the year in which Pavel Malikov serenaded and asked for Her Majesty’s Hand in marriage despite numerous objectionals by his own … Continue reading

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Something old, something new, something that ams happening in January so whip out your phone and set an event notification!

Things and stuffs ams happening but I am jonesing for faire. It’s been what? A WHOLE STINKING MONTH since Green Zone?!?? THE ABJECT HORRORSAUCE™ OF IT ALL. Fortunately we have a little something coming up and I thought I’d put the … Continue reading

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We came. We made musics. We got really, really sweaty.

Escondido Renaissance Faire was a complete blast. Despite the heat, we managed to have a pile of fun and as always it was awesome to see all of our old friends and have the chance to make a bunch of … Continue reading

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Gilroy, Pavel is in you, and new drums soon.

Yesterday was quite the eventful day, and only mostly wasted. Pavel learned that he should phone in an optometrist appointment before driving half an hour across town for his prescription confirmation.  The only prescription he has for this weekend is … Continue reading

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My soul is prepared… is yours?

Alright. Friday, you kick ass this week. You have met and exceeded my expectations, and I expect more of the same from now on. Let’s review: I got paid today. I got all the laundry and dishes done in anticipation … Continue reading

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Dead (well, more dead than usual) tired.

To say I had a blast at Faire this past weekend would be a gross understatement. I haven’t had that much fun in years at a faire. So much new stuff going on, old friends with new acts on stage, … Continue reading

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Settling in.

We’re just getting settled into our room for the night. Tomorrow, we melt faces.

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