We came. We made musics. We got really, really sweaty.

Escondido Renaissance Faire was a complete blast. Despite the heat, we managed to have a pile of fun and as always it was awesome to see all of our old friends and have the chance to make a bunch of new ones.


Let us recap the highlights:

First weekend:

  • WHOA the heat. *swelter* My bloomers are moist just thinking about it.
  • The new stage in the tavern put us smack dab in the middle of all the glorious drinking time goings on which was amazing. Always a bonus to go on back to back with Cutthroat Reef also!
  • DID I MENTION THE HEAT?! Mad props to everyone who came and survived and especially those who staggered by and offered sweaty, salty hugs, they were much appreciated. <3


Second Weekend:

  • Our negotiations with the spirits were successful and everyone enjoyed MUCH cooler weather.
  • Our already lovely encampment gained a few improvements (also known as “chairs!” and “cushions!” and “tables!”) and a whole lot of you stopped by to visit. Let us continue with this trend, we enjoyed seeing you all and getting to relax and hang out!
  • Ty Beanie Babies Furry-folk. ENOUGH SAID.

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So now we are taking a little breather but…THERE ARE MANY OTHER EVENTS ON THE NEAR HORIZON!

Stay tuned and look for updates!

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