About the Band

We are a macabre, comedic, and very energetic Romani style folk/rock band. Sometimes naughty, never nice, but ALWAYS READY TO PARTY!

Gallows Humor is an “Undead” Romani band that was created by Mat Greaves in 2009. He developed an idea over many months to start the band, writing music and developing an act to go with it. He got his first chance as an “in-between sets” act at a Belles of Bedlam Halloween show at the Brit’s Pub & Restaurant in Pasadena, CA. Taking the persona of Romani “Marian Von Gogu,” Mat sang songs of necrophilia, cannibalism and drinking absinthe to the crowd, who loved every minute of it. Early versions of Gallows Humor classics “Necrodance,” “Don’t Judge Me,” “Blue” all debuted that night. Gogu (Greaves) then set out to find other like-minded musicians to flush out his undead crew.

Gallows Humor went on to play the renaissance fair circuit alongside the Sportive Tricks, the Dread Crew of Oddwood, Cutthroat Reef, Davey Tankard, Nightengale and the Belles of Bedlam. Not content to be just a ren-faire group, they also booked gigs at wine bars, restaurants and the world famous Whiskey-A-Go-Go in Los Angeles, who have asked them back to play several times.

The current lineup of Gallows Humor includes Mat Greaves (‘Marian von Gogu’) vocalist, accordion, guitar, bouzouki, toy piano; Bass player Jules Beuck (‘Uncle Rasputin Poppopovich’); Don Parrish-Bell (‘Gregor Koriatovitch’) guitar, backing vocals; percussionist Mathias Hakonan (‘Måthías Árnrunrvedr Hákonan’) who plays drums, and pounds on anything worth pounding; Patrick Palmer (‘Pitor Petrokovich’) playing concertina and vocals, as well as Ashley Nicole Biancuzzo (‘Callista Valarius’) dancing and vocals.

BOOKING & CONTACT INFORMATION: To book Gallows Humor for your restaurant, renaissance faire or other event, contact Mat Greaves (‘Marian von Gogu’) at Vambligon@hotmail.com for rates, availability and any other information you might need.

We are currently working on our third album for all our devoted fans! Gallows Humor will be announcing all news here and through Twitter.

Artists We Also Like
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Thank you deeply for your support and encouragement ! NA ZDROVYA!

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  1. Rob Izzett says:

    Okay,this will be weird. But I know Dennis Nielsen is or used to be a part of this band. I have not been able to get hold of him since Dec. 3. His phone is no longer in service, and I am worried about him. If you see him, please let him know that Rob Izzett is worried about his well-being. Thanks so much.

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