Gallows Humor Bios

Marian von Gogu: 1432-1462-???? The Gogu clan was known for being eccentric, and Marian Von Gogu was no exception. He learned a variety of skills from his family, including (but not limited to) cooking, alchemy, magic, necromancy, and most importantly, MUSIC.Since then, he’s traveled the world, resurrecting fellow murdered Romani people to join his kumpania.
Mat Greaves, aka Marion von Gogu - Lifetime Memories Photography

Mat Greaves, aka Marion von Gogu – Photograph by Lifetime Memories Photography

Mat Greaves developed the idea of “Gallows Humor” as an “undead” Romani band in 2009. He worked hard over many months to start the band, writing music and developing an act to go with it. He got his first chance as an “in-between sets” act at a Belles of Bedlam Halloween show at the Brit’s Pub & Restaurant in Pasadena, CA. He took the persona of Romani “Marian Von Gogu”, and sang songs of necrophilia, cannibalism and drinking absinthe to the crowd, who loved every minute of it. Early versions of Gallows Humor classics “Necrodance,” “Don’t Judge Me,” and “Blue” all debuted that night. Mat then set out to find other like-minded musicians to flush out his “undead crew.”

He plays piano accordion, and does primary vocals for Gallows Humor. He also manages “The Fools and the Fae” a side project for times when Irish/Sea Shanty songs or a smaller band than Gallows Humor, are more appropriate. Among the instruments he plays are bouzouki, guitar, and other things. His favorite is the accordion, where he can sometimes be found busking in the village near the Claremont Colleges in Claremont.

Email: Gogu @ (or vambligon @

Uncle Rasputin Poppopovich was resting peacefully in the Gallows Tree when Gogu and his sister necromanced him back to life to play in the band.
Jules Beuck - photograph by Johny Marr #FacesofKoroneburg

Jules Beuck, aka Uncle Rasputin Poppopovich – photograph by Johny Marr #FacesofKoroneburg

Jules Beuck has been with Gallows Humor since 2011. He started playing bass in 1965 and was in various garage bands in the 60s. There was a long stretch where he barely touched the bass but became serious about it in the mid-1980s when he moved to California. He took lessons for about 10-15 years. Jules spent about 20 years as an entertainment reporter but now prefers to provide the entertainment rather than just write about it.


Gregor Koriatovitch. Guitarist, carpenter, undertaker, and conjurer of …stuff. Brought back from the dead when a lightning bolt struck his grave!
Don Parrish-Bell

Don Parrish-Bell aka Gregor Koriatovitch

Don Parrish-Bell has been with Gallows Humor since 2014. He started playing guitar in 1964 and played in a couple of bands in the 60s and early 70s. He’s played in a couple of variations of bands with Eben Brooks (Eben Brooks Band, I.M.H.O), and will occasionally sit in with Twisted Gypsies open mic Wednesdays.


Måthías Árnrunrvedr Hákonan. Drummer, hammer dulcimer, bouzouki, and token Viking. Resurrected after being found encased in an iceberg off the coast of Norway
Mathias Hakonson aka Måthías Árnrunrvedr Hákonan, photograph by Nia Dean

Mathias Hakonson aka Måthías Árnrunrvedr Hákonan, photograph by Nia Dean

Mathias Hakonan: Drums. Hammered Dulcimer. Next?

Email: mathias @

Pitor Petrokovich was found wandering the fields of France in an undead daze. How he got there, he’ll never know. He was almost run over by the band on their way to Koroneburg, where he decided to tag along. His squishy slinky now breathes better than he does, and helps these wandering Romani with their melodies.
Patrick Palmer, aka Pitor Petrokovich, photograph by Cain Gessick

Patrick Palmer, aka Pitor Petrokovich, photograph by Cain Gessick

Patrick Palmer joined Gallows Humor in 2018, and has been playing with them ever since. He plays the English Concertina, and sings with the band. He also performed with the “The Fools and the Fae,” and currently with the sea-shanty, pirate band, Cutthroat Reef.

He plays harmonica, piano accordion, and a few other random instruments such as hurdy-gurdy, lyre, and piano though none with quite the skill and virtuosity as on his antique Wheatstone English Concertina.

Patrick has a background in software development, and previously worked for over 23 years as a programmer. He has done a majority of the work on the Gallows Humor Band webpage, as well as administrative work with Mat and Gallows Humor to help keep the band working at various Renaissance Faires throughout southern California, Nevada and Arizona.

Email: Pitor

Calista Valarius. Sultry Singer, dancer and shapeshifting princess of Nerdvania.
Ashley Nicole Shanley, aka Mina Valarius

Ashley Nicole Shanley, aka Mina Valarius – Photo by Steve Gores

Ashley Nicole Shanley, aka Mina Valarius
Ashley Nicole Shanley is the female vocalist of “Gallows Humor.” She joined Gallows Humor in 2018, before that she performed in “The Fools and the Fae.”

She enjoys cosplay and all things nerdy and spooky. She also co-hosts a feminist Horror Podcast called “Sirens of Horror.” When she is not singing in the band or podcasting she teaches little Gobbelins…Children.

Email: Mina