DO THE THING, else we’ll have ta batty-fang yer sauce-box!

Ladies and gentlepeople! Tis that jolly time again when Gallows Humor fast forwards to the Victorian Era and takes Typhoid Mary and Cholera Rose for a rousing spin on the dance floor!

The fine folk at Riverside Dickens have again opened their hearts and invited us back to entertain you, and entertain you we shall!


Don’t engage in podsnappery!  Join us for a shant of bivvy in the Ten Bells Tavern! We’d be ever so delighted to make your acquaintance!

Riverside Dickens Festival
Downtown Riverside
On Main Street between University Avenue and 10th Street

Ten Bells Tavern Stage
Saturday 2/27 and Sunday 2/28
1:00 pm
3:30 pm
Saturday: All Entertainer’s Jam 5:00 pm


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