Faire Prepping

I love the first Faire of the season. It’s kind of like Christmas in April. It’s been nearly 6 months since the final Faire of last season, and long forgotten now is how tired we were by the end of last year. Misha has been sewing new skirts, she commissioned a custom bodice for her role as the Gypsy Queen for Big Bear Faire (that happens in August, dates will be posted as we get closer). I personally haven’t gathered much new garb over the winter, though I bought heavily during the season last year, so I don’t feel quite the need to expand  as much now. 

As I sit and write up this post, I have laundry going, Renaissance guitar and lute music playing on my Spotify, and behind me, it looks like no less than 3 clothing booths have been distributed across my living room as we pack for Escondido. Normally we’d pack tomorrow, before making the drive out, but this year Misha and I both work later into the afternoon than usual. 

I’m really excited for the shows this weekend, also. We’ll be playing some brand new songs, so be sure to catch us on stage as well as at our encampment. See you all Saturday!

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