Gigglemugs & Half-rats!

You heard correctly, GALLOWS HUMOR will be gracing the Ten Bells Tavern stage at this year’s Riverside Dickens’s Festival!

A smashing good time is sure to be had by all. Amongst other delightful treats, the Trial of Jack the Ripper of  shall be presented and also that of Mischa’s favorite Victorian-era superstar, Lizzie Borden!

Now there’s a girl with one heck of a swing! *swoon!*

So dig out those dapper Victorian duds and join us! We’ll be doing our darndist to keep it prim, proper and stylish…and so should you!

2014-BB RenFaire-732    2014-BB RenFaire-643EDIT    2014-BB RenFaire-734

Pickwick’s Pub Night!
Friday Evening, February 20th

February 21st and 22nd, 2015
All day and FREEEEEEE to attend!
Minimal fees for some special events throughout the festival
$5 day pass for the Ten Bells Tavern – age 21 and over!

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