Gilroy, Pavel is in you, and new drums soon.

Yesterday was quite the eventful day, and only mostly wasted. Pavel learned that he should phone in an optometrist appointment before driving half an hour across town for his prescription confirmation.  The only prescription he has for this weekend is more cowbell. He also learned that public transportation in San Pedro kind of blows due to the amount of tweakers riding.

After a day of futility and 4 hour oil changes,  it was time to grab Mischa and head to Faire.  A 6 hour drive became 7 when we decided to stop at a guitar center for a quick (HAH!) purchase of a tambourine. What did we find? Besides an awesome tambourine? Right as you walk in the doors, on clearance,  was a used set of congas,  including a matching pair of bongos,  for $230.00! They are so gorgeous.  I will have them after this weekend.  My set has been sounding tired of late, and I know the heads are mostly dead. This new set says ‘used,’ but aside from one or two small scuffs they are nearly pristine.  I am excite! I will post a picture shortly. For now, time to get ready for faire!

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