No-one’s gonna really be free until Gypsy enslavement ends.

So it turns out that visiting relatives who have been shackled with the chains of indentured servitude by the Knott family has become a Thanksgiving weekend pilgrimage of sorts for the Malikovs.

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Poor cousins Esmeralda and Zoltar, locked up inside of little boxes, forced to pour out their sweet, sweet Gypsy fortune telling secretsauce for The Man. I bet they don’t even get to keep a single cent of the dollar that gets fed to them through their tiny money feeding slots after they slice off piece after piece of their tortured Gypsy souls with every prediction for the future that is squeezed out of them by the heartless masses. *cries!*


See? I tried to give him a money but his spirit is clearly broken.

Oh the humanity.

Mischa wept.

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