Here we are, on the Eve of Faire™, and I AM SO EXCITE!

The Gypsies have been hard at work, cajoling the spirits to cool things down this weekend so here’s hoping that there will be a lot less sweltering going on at the Escondido Renaissance Faire. 😉

Gallows Humor (and our good friends Cutthroat Reef!) will be at the Dancing Drum Tavern Stage (or mayhap in the Tavern proper should the glorious and wrathful sun refuse to cooperate…again) at: 12:30 PM and 3:00 PM and then at our old haunt, the delicious and shady Forest Stage at 4:30 PM!

Hay bales for one and all! HUZZAH!

For the love of Heaven and all things holy get off your sweet asses and get thee to the faire! Come see us, come say hello. Shower us with your love – or your spicy spicy hatesauce, there really is no bad attention!  We’ll have CD’s, we’ll have little bitty Gallows Humor nooses and as always and forever, Vladimir will sign anything. ANYTHING.



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