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All rejoicements upon this Glorious Month of May!

Our very own Marian von Gogu and Kizzy Koriatovitch have recently celebrated the anniversary of being thrust upon this world to bring it endless torment and shenanigations! Kizzy on the 17th and Marian today! SRETAN ROĐENDAN! ALSO! A belated but … Continue reading

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DO THE THING, else we’ll have ta batty-fang yer sauce-box!

Ladies and gentlepeople! Tis that jolly time again when Gallows Humor fast forwards to the Victorian Era and takes Typhoid Mary and Cholera Rose for a rousing spin on the dance floor! The fine folk at Riverside Dickens have again … Continue reading

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T’was the night after Christmas…

…and Gallows Humor can be all up in your house! When you dumped out your Christmas stocking and found an American Express gift card nestled at the bottom next to the traditional orange and Hershey’s festive peppermint kisses, I hope … Continue reading

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Gallows Humor has released more pleasures for your earholes. Our new album “Spooky Sauce” is released and is available at CD Baby: http://cdbaby.com/cd/gallowshumorband2 Make sure you add this to your collection so that you will not feel depressed and deprived!

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BREAKING NEWS: We’re putting the SPOOKY in Fall Esco’s Second Weekend SAUCE!

It broke our sticky, black plague encrusted hearts to miss the first weekend of Fall Esco due to other bookings but we will be back with a vengeance for second weekend so WATCH OUT. Especially you, Your Majesty, most revered … Continue reading

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I have a news and it ams of a GRAND nature!

Off Kilter Kilts! is having their GRAND OPENING! this Saturday and I am so excite to announce that they will be stocking our CD, Necrodancer, as well as Gallows Humor T-Shirts amongst all of the other spectacularly kilt-tastic apparel! There will … Continue reading

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Spring is in the air and it smells like GALLOWS HUMOR

Spring is here and it’s that time again when GALLOWS HUMOR descends upon Felicita Park and Gypsifies the place right respectable. We’re bringing our Guild and all the things and a couple of couches and calling the place home for … Continue reading

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Something old, something new, something that ams happening in January so whip out your phone and set an event notification!

Things and stuffs ams happening but I am jonesing for faire. It’s been what? A WHOLE STINKING MONTH since Green Zone?!?? THE ABJECT HORRORSAUCE™ OF IT ALL. Fortunately we have a little something coming up and I thought I’d put the … Continue reading

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We ams not Pirates!

But WHOA do we love us some pirate-y festivities! YES INDEED WE DO! Come see your favorite Undead Gypsies, GALLOWS HUMOR, at the freshly minted LANDERS PIRATE INVASION in, you guessed it: Landers, CA! Details: Saturday Oct 11th, 10:00 am to 6pm Sunday … Continue reading

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Upcoming Gig! Spring Escondido Renaissance Festival! April 27th-28th, and May 4th-5th!

Ladies and gentlemens, boils and ghouls! Gallows Humor is pleased to announce our next gig! We shall be playing both weekends of the Escondido Renaissance Faire, located in Felicita Park in Escondido, CA. Stage times will be announced as soon … Continue reading

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